Story and Vision

A facebook post by Aarti Madhusudan asking for just 50 volunteers to speak in English with a child for an hour every week ( over the phone )  snowballed into 1000+ enthusiastic volunteers signing up in just less than 2 weeks of initiating this program ( June 26th, 2020 ). This enthusiasm has been spreading ever since and we have volunteers that are signing up as you read :)  

So this overwhelming response from the volunteers resulted in expanding the horizons of this opportunity to an unfathomable level.

We have been assisting : 

  • Students of grade 6th - grade 12th @ govt schools

  • Teachers in the government schools 

  • Kids of the domestic help 

  • NGOs across India that are working with kids

The intention of this initiative was to help the first generation English speakers to improve their fluency, but our volunteers have been going that extra mile to make the entire experience fun and engaging for their students by creative teaching techniques.

So what's next ? The vision is to expand this support to 500+ organizations by the end of 2021. In order to do this, we are building an army of superheroes ( aka volunteers ). Interested to join this movement that is a 100% volunteer driven ? Please check below for the available opportunities.


Volunteering opportunities 

1) Spoken English Mentor - ( 0Rs GiveAndTake )

Hours required : 1 hour per week for 15 weeks.

Skills required : Fluency in English and Passion to help :) 

Description : Volunteer from anywhere and anytime. This is a virtual volunteering opportunity where the volunteer will be speaking in English with a student for an hour every week over the phone. Checkout our curriculum on this site. To understand more about the goals and process do take a look at our orientation video below. 

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2) Volunteer Coordinator - ( 0Rs GiveAndTake )

Hours required : 10 hours per week for 15 weeks

Skills required : Fluency in both local language and English, management and communication skills, flexible with volunteering hours.

Description : A volunteer coordinator manages and engages a group of volunteers who are helping students from a particular organization. Whats app is the mode of communication for managing the group. The success of a group highly relies on the volunteer coordinator to be able to efficiently coordinate and communicate but hey no pressure :P Its a lot of fun too ! Do read the onboarding document below for more details. 


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Click this document if you are interested to find out the VC Tasks

Orientation video --> 

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Thanks for your time :)

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