Frequently asked questions

Where can I get the curriculum from ?

Go to You will have to do gmail or facebook sign up to become a member of our website. After that you should be able to download our weekly curriculums

What if I am not able to cover everything thats in the curriculum in one call?

The curriculum is provided only to give the volunteer a few ideas of what they can speak with the student during the call. The volunteer is highly encouraged to modify and improvise the curriculum as per the comfort level of the student. It is not a strict document to follow

How many hours a week is this program for ?

This is a 1 hour per week and a total of 15 weeks program

Can I do a zoom or whats app video call with the student ?

This is a strictly audio call session. No whats app or video call allowed. Please do not exchange any photos or videos with the student.

As a volunteer what is the process to discontinue the teaching in the middle of 15 weeks ?

Please inform the volunteer coordinator of your group so that we can assign a different volunteer to the student

Where can I share the feedback about the program ?

Please submit out feedback forms on the website.

Is Lets Teachh English a organization ?

This is not a organization. It is a 100% volunteer driven effort.

How much time will it take from when I sign up on the website till I finally start teaching a student ?

On a daily basis we connect with organizations to get them onboarded with our program. However each organization takes atleast a week to 10 days to finally onboard with us after all the processes are taken care of and they share the student details with us. Hence as the background process to get student details is a bit time taking, the volunteer sign up to having them start teaching takes about 2 weeks of time

Do i have to be a teacher or need any teaching experience in the past to volunteer ?

As this is a spoken english class, our currriculum is purely conversational and hence you need not have any prior teaching experience for volunteering.